Lockbox Automation Software for SAP

Eliminate 100% Lockbox key-in fee and achieve 95% automated cash posting for checks, ACH and other e-payments

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Lockbox and Cash Application Automation Solutions

Check Remittance Capture

Auto capture remittance from check stubs with template-agnostic technology.

Remote Deposit Capture

Apply cash directly for checks by directly submitting to office location through RDC machines or scanned via mobile apps.

Email Remittance Capture

Pull remittance details from emails and email attachments using AI-enabled technology to ensure accurate data capture across all remittance file formats and languages.

Web Remittance Capture

Web robots to log in, navigate, and capture remittance information from customer portals and popular Accounts Payable networks with the help of Robot Processing Automation.

Invoice Matching

Automatically match payments to invoices even in the most complex scenarios across industries including complex parent-child relationships, pre-payments, installments, and matching by non-invoice reference numbers.

Discounts and Deductions Handling

Identify deductions at the source based on short-payments or over-payments. Assign ERP-specific reason codes based on chosen parameters.

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Zero Touch Cash Posting Across
US and Canada



savings annually


HighRadius Customer: Employbridge

Reduction in headcount
from 34 to 13 FTEs


Carolyn Etress

Director of Accounts Receivable
HighRadius Cash Application Cloud goes beyond what banks and traditional ERP programs do to support faster payments processing.

Jason Herrington

Director of A/P & A/R
HighRadius technology is evolved and not antiquated like other industry competitors.

Mike Pettyjohn

Head of Accounts Receivable, Finance Business Services
The HighRadius team is excellent and I am excited about our ongoing partnership using the Integrated Receivables platform.