9 Proven Strategies to Reduce
DSO by 15%

What's Inside?

How Fortune 1000 companies and SMEs automate credit and accounts receivable operations to improve productivity and reduce DSO and past-due A/R.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Customer Onboarding and Credit Approval Process
  3. Eliminating Subjectivity from the Credit Review Process
  4. Improving the Invoicing and Payment Process
  5. Deciding Who to Contact on Any Given Day
  6. Collections Correspondence Strategies
  7. Doubling Down on Collections by Eliminating Waste from Cash-Application Process
  8. Eliminating Waste from the Deductions Process
  9. Leveraging a Connected Platform for All of Credit-to-Cash
  10. Collaborating with Buyer A/P teams
  11. Summary

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