DSO Calculator Excel Template

Calculate Days Sales Outstanding with our excel-based DSO Calculator.

What’s inside:

  • Templates for monthly or annual calculation of DSO
  • Industry-based average and Best Possible DSO(BPDSO) insights
  • Average savings calculation based on DSO reduction
  • 13 tried and tested tips to reduce DSO

Instantly Calculate Your Days Sales Outstanding

What is Days Sales Outstanding?

DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) is the average number of days it takes for a company to collect its accounts receivables. For instance, if the DSO of a company is 45 days, it means that they are able to collect back their past dues within 45 days, approximately.

Why is DSO Critical for Your Business?

A business can measure its financial health with DSO. How fast a company can collect its receivables back indicates its impact on working capital. DSO is a critical metric because it can help you understand:

  • Your average sales and accounts receivable status.
  • How efficient your collections team is — based on that, you can optimize your credit policy.
Why is DSO a Critical for Your Business?

How to Use the DSO Calculator

How to Use the DSO Calculator