Credit, Collections and Industry Partners

HighRadius partners with credit and collections companies that provide unique, disruptive solutions  that add value and complement our state-of-the-art software solutions.

Altus Receivables Management

For 30 years, Altus has been the go-to commercial collections partner for thousands of businesses across North America.By combining the deep expertise of our knowledgeable professionals with sophisticated services and cutting-edge technologies. And we’re fully compliant, licensed and bonded in all 50 states and Canada.

Altus is a Preferred Partner for the HighRadius Collection Agency Data Exchange, a program that streamlines the process of sending accounts and invoices to third-party collection agencies. HighRadius® Collections Cloud customers can electronically place accounts for collection with Altus without ever leaving the HighRadius platform.


CreditRiskMonitor® is a public financial risk analysis and news service for credit, supply chain and treasury professionals. In a COVID-19 age of swift, impactful financial decision-making, CreditRiskMonitor offers best-in-class accuracy to all clients with their recently developed PAYCE® score for addressing private company financial risk assessment. The PAYCE® score is more than 70% effective in predicting bankruptcy when leveraged against a database nearing 100,000 private companies.

HighRadius Credit Cloud customers can seamlessly integrate with CreditRiskMonitor’s data for use in new customer onboarding, periodic reviews, and blocked order management.


Creditsafe provides the most accurate and up-to-date information in an easy to use format on over 365 million businesses worldwide. Our ratings & limits are endorsed by all of the major credit insurers. This makes our ratings & limits among the most trusted in the industry and can predict nearly 70% of insolvencies up to 12 months in advance. By creating the world’s most predictive scorecard, our clients are able to make more informed decisions to protect themselves and their businesses from potential risks in advance.

HighRadius Credit Cloud customers can seamlessly integrate with Creditsafe’s data for use in new customer onboarding, periodic reviews, and blocked order management

Sirius Solutions

Sirius Solutions is a consulting and implementation partner of HighRadius. The company has a 20-year history of deploying solutions to improve cash forecasting, accelerate cash flow, reduce DSO, eliminate costly accounting errors, and limit credit risk. The partnership with HighRadius allows Sirius to design and architect these solutions leveraging HighRadius’s software capabilities, automation, and data structures. The partnership provides a technology focused solution that is industry specific and supports the operational and performance needs of companies. Sirius routinely performs business assessments to determine how software systems can be best utilized and adopted inside an organization. As a consulting company, Sirius’s focus is showcasing economic impact and deploying teams that are an exact match to solve the task at hand.

Optimize Consulting

Optimize Consulting is an organizational improvement firm providing strategy execution solutions worldwide. Optimize’s award-winning approach is based on the “Organizational Optimization”​framework and book and has made an impact of over $4 Billion in value to our federal and commercial clients.
Optimize Consulting is a partner of HighRadius to help our clients more seamlessly achieve their Digital Transformation goals.