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Join more than a million businesses on the Supplier-Buyer Network and start optimizing your Account Receivable and/or Accounts Payable processes
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Integrated Receivables | HighRadius RadiusOne™ Network Solutions

The HighRadius RadiusOne™ Network is the world’s first network that enables digital collaboration between supplier A/R processes and buyer A/P processes. While order-to-cash technology provides process level automation, the RadiusOne™ Network focuses on filling the gaps in supplier-buyer collaboration created by standalone technology. Built on top of the HighRadius Integrated Receivables platform for order-to-cash, RadiusOne™ provides enhanced supplier-buyer collaboration across credit, billing, collections, payment processing, and dispute resolution processes.
Join more than 300 suppliers and 3 million buyers on the world’s first supplier-buyer network and start invoicing at zero cost  
The result? Digital collaboration between your A/R teams and your customers for faster order-to-cash processing and reduced customer service costs.

Key Features

Free e-Invoicing

Start sending invoices via email or the RadiusOne network to all your customers at zero cost. Also, utilize print and mail invoicing at competitive rates.

Automated Blocked Order Release

Trigger workflows to automate email campaigns for customers to make payments and reconcile incoming payments with open invoices to revise credit balances and release blocked orders.

Auto-Capture Payment Commitments

Automate email campaigns for lower-risk, stable customers to submit and create payment commitments on the RadiusOne portal, significantly freeing up collector bandwidth to focus on at-risk and high-value accounts

Auto-Collect Missing Remittance

Run automated campaigns for customers to provide remittance information for payments with missing or incomplete remittance details. Customers are able to share details on the easy-to-use RadiusOne portal and cash is auto-applied in your ERP.

Auto-Collect Deduction Backups

Run automated campaigns for customers to share claims and other backup documents required for faster claims processing. Customers are able to share documents via the RadiusOne network which can then be automatically linked to open deductions in your A/R system.

Integrate with Buyer Accounting Systems

Enable your customers to receive invoices directly into their QuickBooks accounting systems. RadiusOne integrates with QuickBooks to save your buyers the manual data-entry of invoice details into their accounting system.

RadiusOneTM Mobile App

RadiusOneTM Mobile Analytics

Mobile app for real-time visibility into credit and A/R metrics
With the RadiusOneTM mobile app for Suppliers, finance executives could stay on top of key KPIs including DSO and Bad-Debt Write-offs and be more nimble with decision making. The radiusOneTM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

RadiusOneTM Mobile Payments

Collect open A/R on the go
The RadiusOneTM mobile app allows field personnel and sales reps to remotely capture customer payments through check images or input ACH and card payments for instant confirmation and straight-through A/R reconciliation. The RadiusOneTM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

What our customers say

Mike Pettyjohn

Head of Accounts Receivable, Finance Business Services
The HighRadius team is excellent and I am excited about our ongoing partnership using the Integrated Receivables platform.

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