Proactive Collections : The AI-Driven Revolution in Collections Management

Proactive Collections : The AI-Driven Revolution in Collections Management

About The Webinar

A study of 300 senior finance executives shows that 45% of the respondents expect their employees to thrive working alongside Artificial Intelligence enabled systems. What does this mean for collections? At the center of Artificial Intelligence led disruption in the Credit and A/R functions is the opportunity to drive a positive impact on a company’s working capital through collections management. Proactive Collections is the approach being adopted by leading collection teams and is transforming how collectors collect, managers manage, and customers interact with A/R teams. At its core, “Proactive Collections” focuses on leveraging machine learning to predict invoice payment dates and thus ushering collections into a new-era of data-based decision-making. This webinar explores what the collections role could look like and how A/R leaders can respond to this change? Join the immersive experience to get a sneak peek of the future with A/R

Key takeaways

  • How Machine Learning and AI could apply to collections management
  • What does the future collectors’ dashboard look like
  • What metrics could be used to measure the collections process in the future
  • What you need to do as an individual to prepare for these changes


  • Matt Skudera, Vice President – Research and Education, CRF
  • Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Marketing and Management, HighRadius Corporation