10 Pressures On Finance Shared Services Today And How To Survive… Indeed Flourish


Susie West

Founder and CEO,


[0:01] Susie West: So lets kick-off. Number one. These are some of the observations that are coming out. The global economy has entered a period of synchronized stagnation, with weak growth in some countries, no growth in others and mild contractions in other countries. Okay, so we're not in a bullish climate. So we just take that into account. The FTE in October last year, they were talking about how employment continues to be high worldwide, household incomes continue to be robust. There are some key headline economic indicators that have actually slipped to their lowest level in three years. Coming up to four years this spring. [0:49] Susie West: M&A activity is ‘suffering from the slowest pace of global dealmaking in more than two years’. So we start kind of layering all this on top of each other. And it just makes us think, what's the squeeze? What's the pressure going to be on our organizations? And therefore, how can we owners of our shared services organizations, or the builders of our shared services organizations respond well. So I'm going to talk about 10 factors that I think are influencing some decision making within shared services organizations. And these…

What you'll learn

  • How to not just be “ functional” : Digital initiatives for “strategic” finance departments
  • The new approach you need to maintain, modernize and operate your legacy systems for finance

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