5 HID Global Recommended Dashboards For Credit and Collections Managers in 2020


Julie Stigler

Senior Credit and Collections Manager,
HID Global

Wendy Lorfing

Credit Analyst,
HID Global


[0:00] Julie Stigler: Thank you guys all for joining us today. We really appreciate it. As she mentioned, we are from HID Global down in Austin. My name is Julie Stigler. And this is Wendy. Before we get started, just a little background information for you in terms of our history with HighRadius. We've been a partner with HighRadius for about a year, maybe a little over a year in which we implemented the cloud for credit and collections in our North American location. During the assessment phase of working with HighRadius, we mentioned to them that one of our struggles and challenges is reporting and immediate access to information in a dashboard-type of situation. And for those of you that manage credit and collections teams, you do know that you probably have the same challenges that I do in terms of monitoring team performance against a set of KPIs. Oftentimes, we are asked by senior management for a split-second decision, in which you need readily available data on maybe a specific customer or specific business sector. And sometimes, with your ERP systems in your business intelligence systems, it's a bit difficult to get that information. And that's really been…

What you'll learn

  • The evolution of Analytics 2.0 and why every A/R Manager Needs It In 2020
  • Collections Dashboards HID Global uses today, and the scope for analytics in future

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