5 Things Every B2B Customer-Facing Team Leader Needs To Know


Mike Thelen

Director, Customer Financial Services,
Land O’ Lakes


[0:00] Mike Thelen: Let's do some of the learning parts of this organization’s radiance. The first thing I want to do is just go over the general topics or the agenda for the meeting. I'm going to cover why customer experience and their business to business space is important. Five things that business leaders should know about, which are your customers are expecting your business to have consumer experience, a silent desire for automation. It's big customers that pose real challenges. Short term results may compromise long term value, your team's value is greater than just their collections, risk management or payment processes. So why is customer experience important in the business to business space? I'm gonna try to move around a little bit. I don't like to stand behind the podium. If we think about These three companies, huge companies, they've done some things that seem obvious now but didn't seem so obvious at the time. A number of years ago, when we wanted to watch a movie, we had to drive to our blockbuster, check out a video, bring it home, make sure our video recorder was working and watch it and bring it back the next day…

What you'll learn

  • Hiring and nurturing the right talent for customer-facing A/R job roles
  • Executive’s guide to make their teams deliver despite challenging consumer demands

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