Benchmarking, Project Planning, and Performance Tracking for Centralized Operations


Krutarth Kosambi

Senior Functional Analyst,


[0:00] Krutarth Kousambi: Good morning everyone. We have quite an audience. It seems that everyone was drinking last night. Alright, so we'll start with the presentation. [0:14] Krutarth Kousambi: So this is a story, I became a full-time employee of Prime Source before six years and at that point in time, we had a decentralized credit and collections and from there we went into the decentralized model. It's the story that I'm going to share with you guys what kind of challenges we had and how we overcame it. [0:42] Krutarth Kousambi: So few things about Prime Source. We have 34 distribution centers. Prime Source is the largest building materials distributor in the United States. We have around 1200 employees. If you go to Home Depot and Lowes those are our biggest customers. You would see a lot of brands called GripRite, ProTwist, GR-X, those are all our products. So we have thousands of materials and you know, fasteners or insulation products, wiring products, fencing, all kind of building materials that you would see. [1:25] Krutarth Kousambi: So Prime Source's plan for AR transformation, right? This started somewhere before four years where we were in a decentralized operation for collections,…

What you'll learn

  • Learn how prioritized worklist helped Primesource to create collection strategies
  • Understanding the importance of analytics to reduce the number of disputes created
  • Learn how Priomesource improved their analyst’s efficiency with centralized operations

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