Building the OTC Strategy after an M&A


Marinko Marijolovic

Director, Corporate Credit Services, ShurTech


[0:00] Marinko Marijolovic: Now just throwing that payphone bit by the way, because that was the last place I was thinking of finding the phone period, let alone a payphone. You know, it's like, why is the government running phone lines, electricity, and all this stuff down here? But they have everything from running water to a payphone on the bank servers. So it's kind of interesting. So anyway, just a little bit by myself. There I am with ShurTech brands. And most you folks probably have never heard of the company, but we are located outside of Cleveland, Ohio. And so I worked for short brands, but I also represent Shirttail Technologies, which is a tape manufacturer in North Carolina. And we make a variety of packaging, duct tape, painting tape, masking tapes, things like that that we sell within North America and across the globe. And so we have two different businesses, our parent company ShurTech, they sell primarily on the industrial side and then sure tag brands up in Cleveland. They sell to the retailers. So people that would sell to customers like us. All right, so this is a pretty kind of general overview, I guess.…

What you'll learn

Companies merge or acquire other companies for a lot of reasons including synergy and growth among others. But, what if you are not able to reap the benefits of the entire process – all because you are caught up devising strategies to consolidate the OTC? Join Marinko as he discusses how to build the OTC strategy and implement it across companies

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