Driving E-Adoption For Billing and Payments: An American Greetings Success Story


Lauren Kennedy

Senior Manager, Retailer Financial Services,
American Greetings


[0:05] Lauren Kennedy: Today's session we're going to talk a little bit about our EIPP journey. It's specific to us, but there's a lot of great things about it that we wanted to share with you. But first, let's talk a little bit about American Greetings. We're centered in Cleveland, Ohio. Established in 1906. We are the card people. I read the cards that you buy and target the gift rep that you buy at Christmas time. Those are ours along with somebody else, but we don't talk about them. So it's this. Okay, so why did we go on an EIPP journey? First off, it was an initiative up at the upper levels, we wanted to develop a self customer self-service portal. We didn't want to be the only point of contact for our customers to manually provide invoice copies, pod copies whenever they called. We have a lot of automation in that arena now but we wanted to be able to deliver something to a customer and get that themselves. So that was our effort here. Of course, as you know, think about your own personal experiences when you are dealing with anybody you do business with. On…

What you'll learn

  • American Greetings success story with HighRadius EIPP Cloud
  • Best practices for onboarding customers on an electronic billing and payments platform

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