Evolution of Chatbots in Finance


Camila Durante

Credit and Collections Coordinator,


[00:00] Camila Durante: Ok so if you have seen something there and you'd heard Freeda talk to you. You can't because it's not there. So what Freeda would say to you is that we're going to be covering the introduction to chat boards, how digital assistants would function in order to cash and how digital assistants could assist customers. That's a challenge and the future of digital assistance. So does everybody know what a bot is? You do. So the bot is short for robots. Way before I had in mind that robots would be just like the human personification that would take the world and everything and now we have those bots that are much more subtle and we can talk to them. Right? [00:56] Camila Durante: But if you think and if you look back on the movies and TV shows that we've seen that we had seen a lot of chatbots. So you would have seen Star Trek, right? Captain Kirk would be talking to his chatbot on the big TV in the spaceship asking for suggestions and strategies for the battles. Also for Marvel, you have Iron Man. I'm not too familiar with all the Marvel…

What you'll learn

  • Practical examples of implementing chatbots in O2C
  • How to redesign the future of chatbots with AI and Machine Learning

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