O2C Digital Maturity: How to Steer Your Organization Through the Digital Transformation


Andreea Popescu

Senior Manager, Digital Finance Transformation,
Ernst & Young (EU)
Ellen Cnudde, Senior Consultant Performance Improvement, Finance Transformation,
Ernst & Young (EU)

Ellen Cnudde

Senior Consultant Performance Improvement, Finance Transformation,
Ernst & Young (EU)


[0:00] Andreea Popescu: When you embark, let's say on a digital transformation journey, especially one driven by the business. One of the key things is thinking about how do you work together with your IT organization, right? I think here we have a lot of people from the business, we also have people from IT. So there's this nice mix. But it's important to set that tone because what we see more and more, and tools like HighRadius are perfect for that are these digital transformations driven by the business. So it empowers a transformation by and for the business. So what we see more and more is this shift of focus and the shift of how finance delivers value from being sort of the gatekeeper of the one source of truth of closing of the bookkeeping, to adding value differently. Obviously that point’s still very important, right? We still need to provide accurate data to our stakeholders. But all the other stuff we're going to do is get up bring the real value, and that one piece is going to be almost a lights out kind of operation. I'll show you a video that sort of kicks off that…

What you'll learn

  • Insight into digital maturity as the foundation for any digital transformation journey
  • How the digital trends empower the business to take a leading role in the change effort
  • What does the AR function of the future look like (supported by technologies such as ML and AI) and how to get there?

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