What’s inside ?

  • Ready to use RFP Templates for –
    • Integrated Receivables
    • Credit Management
    • Cash Application
    • Collections
    • Deductions Management
    • EIPP
  • Vendor Evaluation Guide using objective scoring model
  • 129 Knockout Questions that your RFP can’t do without

Suppose you want to buy the fastest car. Would you just buy one after looking at their features online or after talking to one of their salesmen? No, Right? You would want to first shortlist a couple of cars after objective evaluation based on your key requirements, visit different showrooms and then maybe go on a test-drive before finalizing on one.

Same applies for evaluating your vendors when you are planning to digitally transform your A/R processes. How do you do that for all A/R processes?

This zip file comes with six ready-to-use RFP templates for each of the A/R processes, 129 must-have knockout questions for O2C RFPs and an eBook that discusses best practices for the overall RFP process.

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