How DXP Accelerated Cash Application for 50K+ Invoices by Eliminating Outdated and Inefficient Processes

Impact Achieved


Cash Application Automation


Improvement in cash flow

$100 Mn

Collected in five consecutive months


Automated deductions coding for short payments

“The single biggest challenge that forced us to look at automation was the extent of manual intervention of our daily processes, whether it was cash posting or any undirected ability to collect on our customers, who to collect and when to collect.”


Joseph Grass

Director, AR and Credit

DXP Enterprises

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About DXP

Amidst rapid business expansion, partly fueled by mergers and acquisitions, maintaining efficiency without compromising customer satisfaction became a formidable challenge. Recognizing the inefficiency of its A/R processes, DXP was determined to transform its approach without sacrificing the quality of its customer service.




$1.7 Bn


Houston, TX


Top Challenges

  • Manual process: Time-consuming & inefficient processes across cash posting & collections 
  • Hyper-growth: Managing rising customers and cash inflows due to increasing M&As
  • High-performance: Need for improvements across People, Process & Performance

Business Benefits

  • Identify receivables bottlenecks with a 360° view of global A/R performance
  • Drive a high-performance culture by benchmarking KPIs against industry peers
  • Touchless Dunning: Resulting in faster & efficient collections from 15,000+ active customers
  • AI-Based Remittance: Prediction for missing remittances resulting in faster cash posting
  • Faster Payments: Processing through automated invoice matching

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