CFO’s ESG Handbook

This eBook offers actionable insights from PwC, EY, Gartner, and Deloitte on how CFOs can best navigate the evolving ESG challenges.

CFO's ESG Handbook
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2-minute Summary

  • In the CFO’s ESG Handbook, PwC recommends that CFOs start taking steps to bolster accountability across the organization and incorporate net zero and ESG goals into the organization’s broader business strategy.
  • Deloitte identifies four key roles CFOs can play based on their functions to help their organization achieve decarbonization goals.
  • EY suggests five areas of focus to build trust and improve collaboration in order to suit the needs of investors looking for useful ESG data.
  • Gartner recommends a 2-step approach for CFOs to turn ESG compliance into an opportunity to drive business value.