CFO’s Guide to Battling Inflation

Actionable insights from Deloitte, Gartner, McKinsey, and Bain & Co., to help CFOs rethink their strategies and make the right technological investments for blunting the impact of inflation.

CFO’s Guide to Battling Inflation
CFO’s Guide to Battling Inflation Index
The Recession Debate
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2-minute Summary

  • Spiraling inflation has caught many firms off-guard, forcing them to scramble and haphazardly adjust their pricing strategies. Deloitte makes a case for taking a structured approach to fighting inflation with price increases for the office of the CFO.
  • Making thoughtful investments in technology can have a long-term deflationary effect on not just business costs, but also the price of products and services. This CFO guide to battling inflation highlights Gartner’s suggestion – a two-pronged approach to making the right investments.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic raged, many businesses set up response nerve centers with an enterprise-wide authority to coordinate strategy and test various approaches for a faster recovery. McKinsey believes that finance chiefs could take a similar approach to tackle inflation.
  • A survey of 5,700 firms shows that businesses that strategically cut costs during previous recessions have historically achieved higher shareholder returns. This comprehensive CFO guide for inflation also covers Bain & Co.’s six steps for cutting costs and future-proofing the value creation model.