CFO’s Ultimate Recession Playbook

This eBook offers actionable insights from Gartner, Bain, and The Hackett Group on how CFOs can equip their enterprises to not only survive the recession but also thrive amid the economic slowdown.

SSON Q1 2022 Report
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Finance 4.0: Digital Transformation in Finance

2-Minute Summary

  • While most businesses are cutting costs and freezing hiring, these steps are not enough to navigate the recession.
  • Gartner shares insights on how CFOs can optimize spending, hiring, and digital acceleration to improve their enterprises’ ability to withstand a recession.
  • Bain & Co. recommends 3 pre-recession strategies that CFOs can deploy on top of 3 robust deflation strategies that can help their enterprises stay recession-ready.
  • The Hackett Group assesses the risks that recession and inflation pose and recommends finance leaders a 7-step action plan to turn adversity into opportunity.