CFO’s Financial Planning Manual: How to Navigate Through Times of Uncertainties

This eBook offers actionable insights from Gartner, Bain, Accenture, and KPMG on how CFOs can build agile finance functions to record positive growth amid volatile market conditions.

CFO’s Financial Planning Manual
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2-minutes Summary

  • Inflation, geopolitical crises, rising interest rates, and much-debated recession risks are some of the many challenges businesses are facing today, making it imperative for CFOs to optimize their financial planning capabilities as they navigate uncertain market conditions.
  • Accenture highlights key steps finance chiefs must take to build an agile, efficient, and resilient finance function.
  • KPMG recommends five fundamental steps CFOs can take to strengthen their financial planning strategies for managing the impacts of geo-political crises and inflation.
  • Gartner shares insights on how CFOs can leverage advanced technologies to build efficient finance strategies for steering their businesses through market volatilities, such as an incoming recession.
  • Bain & Co. shares short-term and long-term approaches CFOs can take to thrive amid wavering macroeconomic conditions.