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Why should an organization buy the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite?

HighRadius offers out-of-box (OOB) API integration, OOB file-based integration, and custom ERP interface. Our platform is ERP-agnostic and is supported globally across multiple countries, currencies and languages. HighRadius solutions facilitate data-driven analysis, apply industry best practices and customize according to customer requirements.

What are the deployment models available for the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite?

HighRadius offers cloud-based Autonomous Software for the Office of the CFO.

Which ERPs does the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite support?

The HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite offers a platform which is ERP-agnostic and supports any and all ERPs.

Which platforms or operating systems does the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite integrate with?

The HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite integrates with all the major OS platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux.

How does HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite handle the data transfer for different ERPs?

HighRadius uses file based integration to do data transfer. All transmissions take place using secure transmission protocols via SFTP (Secure FTP) utilizing secure encryption keys.

What are the different roles that can be given to users when they use the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite?

HighRadius software has the capability to provide role-based access. The functionalities in the admin tab allow you to assign role-based, user-based, and security-based access. The set of actions for each role can be defined. Once the user is logged into the system, he or she can only view the tasks or data assigned to him or her.

Which solutions does the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite include?

Cash Application, Collections, Credit, Deductions and EIPP are the broad solutions under the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite.

How do the solutions in HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite integrate to any company's ERPs?

HighRadius solutions will have a secure file-based integration with the company. Using SFTP, HighRadius extracts the necessary files and the images that have been uploaded on the company's SFTP server. The data collected is then utilized for various purposes.

What are the different commercial models available for HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite?

HighRadius offers two options:

  • Subscription-based pricing model: It enables you to pay-as-you-go, which eliminates upfront cost before using
  • Transaction-based pricing model: It is priced on the basis of the number of invoices processed

Are the solutions under HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite customizable depending on the company and ERP requirements?

Yes, HighRadius Solutions are completely customizable based on company's requirements.

Does deployment of any of the solutions of HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite require investing substantial manpower from customer's end?

Since HighRadius will do the heavy lifting, minimal IT involvement from company's end would be required. HighRadius would only need one time IT involvement from customer's end to configure automatic push of open AR extract and the company files onto the SFTP. Based on our experience, this does not require much of your IT team's time.

How long does it take to implement HighRadius Autonomous Receivable Suite?

The timeline for implementation depends on the complexity of scope. It is generally between 4-12 weeks.

Is the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite capable of complete end-to-end automation of the accounts receivable (AR) function?

Yes, the HighRadius' Autonomous Receivables Suite optimizes receivables operations by integrating credit, accounts receivables, and payments modules to work as a unified business process. At the core of the Autonomous Receivables platform are solutions for credit, collections, deductions, cash application, electronic billing and payment processing, covering the entire gamut from credit to cash. The unified platform helps lower DSO, reduce bad-debt, speed up dispute resolution and improve efficiency, accuracy for cash application, billing and payment processing.

Do you offer your customers the option to select a module to automate a particular function instead of automating the entire process?

HighRadius solutions are highly modular in nature, providing you the option to choose from credit, collections, cash application, deductions, EIPP, and ERP payment gateways. Each of these modules have the capability to be activated as per your requirements. Our solution experts always focus on helping the customers choose the most appropriate solution that their business needs for a transformation to happen.

What are the immediate and long-term challenges that the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite solves?

HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite connects credit, billing & invoicing, cash application, deductions, and collections into a single business process. Our solution helps your O2C teams reduce DSO and bad debt.

How to ensure that the HighRadius AR software fits my business model?

HighRadius thrives on the value provided to each customer through transformation projects. Whether it’s a large global enterprise with multiple business units, a mid-sized company with a simpler IT landscape, or a small business; we tailor our solution to the needs of the customer. Our three core operating principles include:

  1. Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of receivables solutions
  2. Delivering a concrete return on investment (ROI)
  3. Providing innovative functionality to the market

Is it possible to integrate HighRadius software with all ERPs?

HighRadius is a cloud-based SaaS solution that is ERP, third party system and legacy system agnostic, which makes the software highly adaptive and easily integrable with any ERP.

How is HighRadius different from its competitors?

HighRadius is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Our Autonomous Receivable Suite focuses on automating the invoice-to-case (I2C) process. The software uses AI through ML-driven process automation and decision-making throughout the platform. Our out-of-the-box AI supports specific regional and industry requirements.

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