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Sage Intacct FAQs

What is the incremental value of integrating RadiusOne (Powered by HighRadius) with Sage Intacct for Accounts Receivable?

By leveraging RadiusOne, you improve working capital efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer and employee experience. Many companies have reported 20% DSO reduction, 100% bank key-in fees, 20% reduction in bad debt, and 60% time saving in credit reviews.

How does RadiusOne integrate with Sage Intacct and what is the implementation timeline?

RadiusOne(Powered by HighRadius) is listed in the Sage market place as a leading Accounts Receivable automation solution. The Solution can be deployed in 4 weeks or less with minimal IT and business effort from the customer's end. With the plug-and-play ‘out-of-the-box’ connectors built for Sage Intacct, the software enables faster deployment without any coding or applications for installation.

How does electronic invoice delivery work when RadiusOne is integrated with Sage Intacct?

RadiusOne automates the delivery of invoices through email or auto-pushes the information into web portals (SAP, Ariba, Coupa) and accounting softwares(Quickbooks, Xero). The solution streamlines your collections process with automated dunning and correspondence, prioritized worklist for increased efficiency and easy access to customer data.

Does RadiusOne provide self-service portals for my customers to manage or pay their invoices?

Yes, we enable our customers to provide their customers with a self-service portal to access or manage their invoices, account statements, create disputes, and make payments in multiple formats including ACH and credit card. You can also customize these portals as per your brand to provide a personal touch.

How does RadiusOne enable remmittance data aggregation and invoice matching after integrating with Sage Intacct?

RadiusOne automatically captures remittance from various channels like email, web portals and check stubs (you can easily scan checks with mRDC). RadiusOne also seamlessly integrates with your bank to access customer payments and account-related data. With the available data, the software automatically identifies customers and matches invoices. This reduces manual intervention and enables straight through posting into Sage Intacct.

How does RadiusOne AR Automation solution improve collector productivity?

RadiusOne enables you to improve collector efficiency, minimize bad debt write-offs, and reduce DSO. The software automates dunning via email with easy-to-create correspondence templates and provides a prioritized collector worklist for maximum efficiency. You get access to consolidate customer information and can directly call customers from within the app.

What payment formats does RadiusOne support for B2B payments?

RadiusOne supports ACH, credit card and debit card payments. The solution is PCI-DSS-compliant and uses cloud technology to leverage processor tokenization services which eliminates the need to store credit card information. This minimizes risk, cuts down the effort, PCI-DSS compliance costs, and significantly reduces interchange fees for the merchant.

What data sources does RadiusOne use to assess credit risk?

RadiusOne auto-assigns credit scores and credit limits to customers by leveraging its inbuilt credit data and best-in-class credit strategy. It is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for companies who don't have a credit agency in place.

How does RadiusOne help streamline customer onboarding?

RadiusOne's credit risk module can quickly and efficiently onboard new customers. The software captures complete credit data with a ready-to-use online credit application. The software then validates the submitted bank and trade reference, and automates credit-scoring based on industry best practices. The customer collaboration for credit events like credit acceptance or denial is also automated via email.

How does RadiusOne reduce risk?

RadiusOne helps you stay updated on your customer portfolio with real-time credit risk monitoring and automated reviews. You would receive real-time alerts on changes in your customer’s risk ratings, news on bankruptcy, and credit information. Based on these alerts, the solution automatically revises the customers risk category and credit limit. The entire process is automated and minimum manual intervention is necessary.

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