Order to Cash Playbook for the New Economy

Order to Cash
2022 Playbook

150+ Order to Cash leaders share proven strategies to boost cash flow with their A/R function

2-minutes Summary

  • Critical O2C trends that are impacting credit and collections operations today. The O2C department has played a crucial role in helping organizations maintain seamless business flow, avoid unnecessary risks, recover cash tied up in receivables quickly, and much more.

  • Proactive A/R strategies to fast-track the cash conversion cycle. Businesses are now looking to implement various technology solutions in the market that can help overcome the process gaps, increase their teams” productivity, and improve key metrics like working capital DSO, and bad debt.

  • Huntsman Corporation reduced the time to conduct credit reviews by 96%. Huntsman used an automated cloud solution that delivered Real-time centralized credit management, efficient workflows for automatic credit, and seamless integration with external agencies.

  • Five-step framework to optimize existing O2C processes for working capital impact. There are very specific checklists to improve the success rate of each of the five stages of digital transformation. The checklist enables organizations to take care of the risk factors based on the stage they want to eliminate too.


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