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9 Accounts Receivables Horror Stories And How To Solve Them

Introduction Are you a finance executive at a mid-sized business? Have you lived through some terrifying accounts receivables challenges? Many of your peers definitely have!…
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What Role Does Automation Play in Periodic Customer Health Checks?

Introduction Most mid-sized businesses take a reactive approach towards customer relationships, in the sense that if it is not broken, they do not feel the…
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Insights from 20+ A/R Executives: Top Four Priorities for CPG Industry Leaders to Drive Working Capital Impact in 2022

20+ Global A/R executives across CPG companies share their insights on their top priorities are for 2022.
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What is an eCheck and How Does It Work?

What is an eCheck & How Does It Work? An eCheck is a type of Electronic Funds Transfer that utilizes the ACH network to process…
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Credit Card Processing: A Full Guide on What It Is & How It Works

What is Credit Card Processing? Credit Card Processing is one of those processes which simply refers to the sequence of operations needed to complete purchases…
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Creating An Unrivaled B2B E-commerce Experience

B2B and B2C aren’t that different at the end of the day! Both are driven by human-based decisions that either make or break a deal.…
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Ways To Use Credit Cards To Improve Operations

Explore how you could capitalise Credit Cards to your benefit and pay remotely without leaving the comfort of your homes
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Credit Cards- The gateway to the future for payments?

The world of B2B payments & the foray of Credit Cards in it The introduction of credit cards has been a topic of debate for…
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The Foray Of Credit Cards In The B2B Market

Credit cards in the B2B payments sector While much has changed in the world of consumer payments, the business-to-business (B2B) payment landscape has evolved at…
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