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Navigating the AI-Hype to Achieve ROI

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the metrics to evaluate the best-fit AI solution for cash forecasting.
  • Learn how AI generates greater ROI with forecast accuracy.

Evolution of tech-savvy treasurer

The treasurer's responsibilities have changed over the years. Traditionally the focus for treasurers has been on maintaining liquidity, but the role is evolving steadily. They have started emphasizing capital structure and risk management. Treasurers today need to be strategic advisors. Artificial Intelligence can help them in achieving that goal. But how to proceed and pick the best-fit AI solution that perfectly fits one’s treasury landscape?

5 questions to consider while evaluating AI for cash forecasting

  • Forecasting purpose: Understand the purpose of forecasting
  • Holistic solution: Analyze if the solution is capable of meeting end-to-end requirements for cash forecasting
  • Integration: Analyze if the solution will integrate easily with current technology infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Identify if it is flexible and extensible enough to be fit for the future.
  • ROI estimation: Analyze how quickly ROI can be recovered.

Purpose of forecast

It is important to first identify the cash forecasting purpose by identifying whether the firm is cash surplus or cash deficit.

Cash Surplus Company:

  • It has plenty of cash reserves.
  • It focuses on business expansions, mergers, and acquisitions.

Cash Rich Company:

  • It has already utilized most of the revolvers and is delaying payables.
  • It focuses on tightly managing cash.

For instance, cash surplus companies don’t typically need a high degree of accuracy, whereas a company that is cash deficit might need high accuracy and forecast more frequently to make proper daily investment and borrowing decisions.

Holistic Solution

Analyze if the system can gather and consolidate data automatically from internal systems, and perform variance analysis over multiple time horizons.

AI is capable of performing end-to-end forecasts and build accuracy by reducing variance with time and allows tweaking updates whenever necessary. This is how AI automates cash forecasting:

 How AI automates cash forecasting. Then these next two can be the same


Analyze if the solution is capable of integrating with multiple systems like ERPs, bank portals, FP&A system, TMS seamlessly. A single source of truth that builds bottom-up forecasts and provides an auto roll-up of local forecasts at the country or entity level into global forecasts enriches visibility and transparency. AI is able to integrate with multiple systems easily and help to achieve granular visibility.

Here is a pictorial representation of how AI readily integrates with different systems.
pictorial representation of how AI readily integrates with different systems


Evaluate the system in terms of its flexibility and check if it’s future-proof or not.

Artificial Intelligence predicts complex categories such as A/R and A/P with significant variance and allows the use of appropriate models for the relevant cash flow categories. It integrates with multiple systems and provides automatic and frequent upgrades, and evolves the forecasts with time to achieve high accuracy.

ROI estimation

Carefully estimate the ROI turnover from the solution. ROI is estimated by using the formula:

Net savings = Gross savings – OPEX – CAPEX

As a part of the gross savings component, automation helps in generating time and cost savings by lowering:

  • The effort and money spent on data gathering creating models
  • The labor of updating spreadsheets manually and applying FX rates.

The time saved can be spent on value-added tasks for firms such as driving informed decisions across day-to-day treasury operations.

Learn how AI offers additional savings to achieve ROI by generating automated and accurate forecasts.
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