Faster Payments: Fundamentals of B2B Payment Acceptance and Settlement


About The Webinar

Corporate teams across A/R, A/P, Treasury, and Banks too are excited about faster payments. However, many are still looking for answers to fundamental questions such as:

  1. How do faster payment methods differ from one another?
  2. What is the value proposition of a faster payment?
  3. How do new, faster options compare to traditional payments?
  4. What is the impact of faster payments on my receivables operations?

Join Robert Unger, Sr. Director Product Management at NACHA, and Ernie Martin, Managing Director of Receivables Savvy, as they compare and contrast faster payment methods on dimensions including remittance, ubiquity and settlement/processing times.

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HighRadius Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) Software provides tools that automate and speed up invoice communication and facilitate a faster collection of payments, enabling a closer and more convenient relationship with customers. It automates the invoice transmission and payment collection process providing a configurable solution that supports multiple invoice formats and different modes of transmission (fax, email, portal, etc.) depending on the targeted customer, its integration with ERP systems and a rich search capability enables efficient storage and retrieval of past invoices, backup attachments to minimize disputes and short pays. Apart from that it also has some key features that you would not want to miss out: level-III interchange and surcharge; self-service customer portal; invoicing across email, customer portals, post, and fax; advanced deduction management; and lightning e-payments. The result is faster invoicing and payment collection, better customer service, and improved profitability and cash flow.