How to Segment and Prioritize Collections Worklist in NetSuite

How to Add a Collector to the Customer Record in NetSuite

How to Add a Collector to the Customer Record in NetSuite

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to add a collector to the customer record in NetSuite
  • Become scientific and strategic in your approach to customer segmentation
  • Acquire skills to prioritize collectors’ worklists to improve productivity
  • Become proficient in tracking past-due invoices for customers
  • Gain email writing expertise and plan dunning strategies in NS ERP

Course Description

Do you spend a lot of time calling and dunning customers? Are you looking for a solution to solve your collection problems? Then your search ends here. Powered by Highako University (the world’s first and only free online training platform for order-to-cash professionals) this Oracle NetSuite training video will help you segment customers for collections into buckets of strategic accounts.

Find ways to track past-due invoices and check a customer’s available balance and analyze past due balance. Access this 5-part tutorial series to learn best practices on how to segregate customers into the right buckets and prioritize the right accounts to follow up.

And it is absolutely FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why this series?

With the changes in the way the world functions, companies have to resolve challenges around cost savings, operational efficiency, and intense competition with limited resources. This complimentary training series has a compilation of courses specially designed for mid-sized businesses to deal with these challenges.

This training series helps CFOs, order-to-cash leaders, and professionals to streamline pivotal business operations, activities, and reporting across finance processes. It covers accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash forecasting, and budgeting.

Why should you take this course?

This course is designed for finance professionals to proactively plan, record, manage and report key business operations daily. Trusted by 9000+ Order to Cash Professionals, these training sessions will allow businesses to:

  • Mitigate risk and propel revenue growth
  • Reduce manual effort and improve team productivity
  • Improve process efficiency with real-time visibility into key business metrics

What skills will you learn?

Effective collections
Promise-to-pay resolutions
Dunning letters techniques
Vigilant collection follow-ups
Managing escalations
Resolving disputes
Building DSO reports
Risk-based DSO reports
Collector’s productivity in NetSuite
Dashboard for senior management
Customer segmentation
Worklist prioritization
Past-due analysis
Planning dunning strategy
Customer relationship
Performance management
Time management
Effective collections
Preparing call scripts
Scheduling customer calls
Follow up with customers
Customer aging analysis