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Frequently Asked Questions

Anomalies are classified as either errors or omissions. HighRadius detects 10 errors and 2 omission cases that are common for all organizations. For instance, when a business transaction recorded in a specific GL account shows up with a Vendor detail that is historically not posted for that GL account or an unexpected Transaction Type where a GL Transaction has been recorded in a GL Account with a Transaction Type that is not expected for that GL Account.

How can you assign anomalies to accountants?

When you see an anomaly in HighRadius' Anomaly Management dashboard, the option to 'Create Task' helps you add the name of the analyst or accountant who'll be responsible for investigating and resolving the anomaly. Moreover, you can add a comment to communicate what needs to be done.

HighRadius' Anomaly Management platform suggests correction for anomalies. If you choose to make a correction, the corrected or new journal entry automatically gets posted to your ERP too.