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Automated Check Remittance Capture

Eliminate 100% lockbox key-in fees by auto-capturing remittance from check stubs with Artificial Intelligence-enabled, template-agnostic technology

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  • Cut costs on lockbox fees

    AI-enabled OCR captures check remittance data automatically, removing any dependency on bank lockbox services or in-house resources for key-in, thereby reducing costs.

  • Intelligently capture all remittance information for minimal exceptions

    Unlike bank lockbox services, you do not need to rely on limited remittance fields for posting cash in your system.

  • Eliminate templates with an AI-based capture engine that grows smarter over time

    Template-free technology based on AI captures all remittance details even when the check stub comes in a non-standardized or unfamiliar format.

  • Achieve 95% posting rate by eliminating errors associated with manual data entry

    Self-learning OCR captures data with 95% accuracy, eliminating the need for exception handling when posting check payments.

Five simple steps to process check remittances

Extract bank lockbox file and check images

Automatically aggregate bank lockbox files and check images from your bank's portal or FTP server.

Capture details from check images

Identify, classify, and extract accurate remittance data from check stubs using template-free, AI-enabled technology for a high capture rate.

Match payments with open invoices

Match payments to invoices even in the most complex scenarios across industries including complex parent-child relationships, pre-payments, installments, and matching by non-invoice reference numbers.

Identify and map deductions and short payments

Identify deductions at the source based on short-payments or over-payments. Assign ERP-specific reason codes by auto-mapping customer provided reason codes to your internal reason codes.

Post cash directly to your ERP

Generate enriched files in formats that are compatible with any ERP including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Infor, Sage and other legacy systems and post cash directly to the system, eliminating time and productivity loss from manually changing file formats.

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HighRadius Customer: Employbridge
Cost Savings : EmployBridge achieved $100,000 in annual savings by reducing lockbox fees.
Productivity : 80%+ Cash Processing Rate 90 days implementation

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