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Automated Dispute Management In Collections

Simplify dispute Management in your collection process with a consolidated view of all disputes in HighRadius Collections Cloud. Seamlessly collaborate within collections and deduction teams for faster dispute resolution.

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Dispute Management tab demo in HighRadius Collections software to get a consolidated view of all disputes in a single place

How to Manage Disputes in Collections Cloud

View All Your Customer Disputes in One Single Place

  • Centrally track and monitor all disputes associated with a customer
  • Leverage the flexibility to work on any dispute, send correspondences, or route the disputes to a different team
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Collections dashboard with a central view of all disputes in a single place

Easily Filter Out Specific Disputes to be Worked On

  • Enable your collectors to filter out disputes based on the customer name, invoice number, reason code, when the dispute was raised, the disputed amount, and a lot more
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Easy collector’s worklist filtration to work on specific disputes with HighRadius Collections dashboard

Add or Update the Information of the Stakeholders Involved

  • Select who the deduction line item is assigned to from a preset list. You can include other collectors, the collections manager, or a deduction analyst from your AR team.
  • Get to update customer details or add specific data related to the dispute
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Update the Collector and Customer Details with Dispute Management Function in HighRadius Collections Software

Add Notes or Attachments

  • Add descriptions with the claims or disputes raised
  • Attach any relevant documents
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Add Descriptions and the Relevant Documents with the disputes raised in    Collections Disputes Management Dashboard Demo

Why Industry Leaders Choose HighRadius?

Increased Speed in Account Coverage:

The Collections team at Brightstar Corporation increased their Collections accounts coverage per day by 97% through leveraging custom correspondence packages offered by HighRadius.

Previously they used only 8 different types of email correspondence templates which needed extensive IT involvement for set up and configuration.

ShurTech Brands
Reduction in Past-Due A/R:

The Shurtech Collections team reduced past-due A/R by 50% with the help of efficient customer correspondence.

They had a 33% reduction in the 1-30 days past-due aging bucket and a 75% reduction in the 31+ days past-due aging bucket.

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