Resolve Deductions Faster with Research Automation

Automated Research for Trade and Non-Trade Deductions

Resolve deductions faster by automating the research process for trade and non-trade deductions

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Automated Research for Trade and Non-Trade Deductions

How to Focus More On Deduction Resolution Rather than Research

Auto-Match Trade Promotions with Deductions

  • Integrate with Trade Promotion Management (TPM) to extract data and automatically match deductions with promotions and deals with the help of matching algorithms
  • Matching consists of multiple steps like planning account identification, product hierarchy identification, and promotion and deal search
Automated Matching of Trade Promotions with Deductions

Automate Research for Trade Deductions

  •  Integrate with third-party ePOS systems to aggregate sales data, which will be useful for calculating the funds available
    for a customer
  • Utilize the accrual amount and auto-matching algorithms to identify the validity of a Deduction claimed by the customer
  • Seamlessly integrate with TPM systems such as Accenture CAS, SAP to ensure auto-settlement of trade deductions
Automated Research for Trade Deductions

Automate Research for Non-Trade Deductions

  • Automate return, deal sheet, and pricing variance analysis via Sales Invoice, RAN, pricing sheet and claims data, retail trade documents, and ePOS matching
  • Auto-capture any pricing and quantity discrepancies, calculates the variance between claimed price, invoice price that too at a line item level for quick review and resolutions
Automated Research for Non-Trade Deductions