B2B Payments Suite

Payment Gateway for SAP

Authorize & settle credit card & ACH payments for sales orders. Reconcile payments in SAP with 4-way matching.

Eliminate PCI compliance costs. 100% touch-less reconciliation for payments.

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AI-Based Credit Management Software

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Key Modules

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Card Processing for Orders

Secure Card Payments for Orders. Credit card holds for high-risk buyers. Auto-settle when invoices are generated. More

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Card Processing for Invoices

Secure Card Payments for Invoices. Accept and process invoice payments in SAP. More

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Settlement Interchange Optimization

30% Less Card Processing Costs. Transmit transactional metadata and process credit card payments at lower costs. More

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

ACH/eCheck Processing

Support Low-Cost Payment options. Accept & process low-cost EFT payments for orders and invoices. More

400+ Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers

600+ Mid-Market Customers

Enterprise Customers

$120K Average Annual Savings
With the self-serve portal.
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100% Automated Cash Posting
For all payments made via the portal. Read more.


100% Lockbox Fee Eliminated
By increasing electronic payment adoption. Read more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Payment Gateway for SAP?

The Payment Gateway for SAP ensures secure payment processes within SAP, enabling credit card entry and payment authorization during sales order creation and invoice processing, streamlining operations effectively and enhancing financial security for businesses.

What are the benefits of the Payment Gateway for SAP?

Payment Gateway for SAP optimizes card processing costs by 30%, facilitating secure payments for orders and invoices within SAP. It enhances efficiency and security, contributing to streamlined financial operations and improved profitability for businesses efficiently.

How does the Payment Gateway for SAP integrate with SAP systems?

HighRadius Payment Gateway seamlessly integrates with SAP systems, enabling payment authorization directly within SAP Finance. It ensures a streamlined and secure payment process during sales order creation and invoice processing, enhancing operational efficiency and financial security effectively.

What are the best features of the Payment Gateway for SAP?

The Payment Gateway for SAP offers secure card processing for invoices, interchange optimization, global PCI compliance, and touch-less reconciliation. These features streamline payment processing, ensuring efficiency and security for businesses, while enhancing financial transparency and compliance.

How much time does it take to implement Payment Gateway for SAP?

The implementation time for Payment Gateway for SAP varies based on the complexity of your organization's requirements. Our Speed to Value methodology guarantees swift implementation and ROI realization within 3 to 6 months, setting an industry benchmark. A dedicated team works closely to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your payments process.

What types of payments are supported by the Payment Gateway for SAP?

The Payment Gateway for SAP supports all payment methods for invoices and sales orders within SAP, enabling secure payment authorization and settlement processes. It enhances flexibility and convenience for businesses by accommodating various payment methods, including credit card and ACH payments, effectively streamlining financial transactions.

How much IT involvement is needed to maintain HighRadius Payment Gateway for SAP?

HighRadius Payment Gateway for SAP requires minimal IT involvement, offering seamless plug-and-play integration into ERPs using real-time APIs and Hex (SFTP) connectors. With pre-built modules and industry-specific best practices, customers can deploy remotely with ease, reducing IT dependencies and enhancing operational agility effectively.

How does HighRadius Payment Gateway for SAP handle data security and privacy?

HighRadius Payment Gateway for SAP prioritizes data security and privacy, adhering to stringent industry standards such as GDPR, ISO, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC. Robust encryption protocols and role-based access controls safeguard sensitive financial data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with regulatory requirements effectively.

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