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FreedaGPT interprets natural language prompts to build intuitive graphs and streamlines email operations with intelligent auto-responses

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3 Use Cases of FreedaGPT Across Finance Process

Freeda GPT for Email Responses

  • Inbox Overwhelm: Collectors are flooded with numerous emails daily, including invoice queries, payment notifications, and overdue reminders
  • FreedaGPT's Email Triage: The system categorizes and prioritizes these emails based on urgency and content, understanding the central context of each message.
  • Automated Responses & Attachments: FreedaGPT drafts tailored responses for each email, attaching relevant documents like missing invoices or account statements, and formulates reminders for overdue accounts.
  • Collector's Oversight: Before sending the email, collectors review and refine the auto-composed emails to add a personalized touch, streamlining the entire email response process.

Freeda GPT for Chat-To-Analytics

  • Gathering Data: As month-end approaches, users are stuck in the vicious cycle of gathering past data, making consolidated reports, and generating real-time insights.
  • Leveraging FreedaGPT: Bypass the manual process of creating a new dashboard or applying multiple filters on the data set. As an example, a user could prompt FreedaGPT to show the top 5 anomalies with high risk where the currency is USD. Or show the high-risk anomalies where the GL balance is out of range by 15%. The list goes on...
  • Generate Reports in Seconds: In response, FreedaGPT instantly generates summary reports, insights, and graphs within seconds for any input requested. Users can further slice and dice, and dive deeper into any data they need to explore.

Freeda GPT for Live Call-To-Note Summaries

  • Real Time Call Summaries: Collectors often struggle to capture crucial details during customer calls, potentially missing important information. FreedaGPT actively processes call information in real-time and generates concise call note summaries.
  • Automated Reminder Emails: Collectors face a heavy workload, including the task of sending reminder emails for promises to pay (P2P) dates. FreedaGPT simplifies this process by recording P2P dates during calls and automatically drafting reminder emails.
  • Proactive Data Alerts: Keeping track of approaching P2P dates is a challenge, and missed payments can occur. FreedaGPT actively monitors P2P dates and provides proactive alerts as the dates approach.

Data Security and Privacy

We are committed to ensuring the utmost data privacy and security for our users. FreedaGPT powered by enterprise-grade Large Language Model (LLM), such as OpenAI, with HighRadius’ proprietary domain specific Big Data.

Data Handling and Transmission
Data Handling and Transmission

No PII (Personal Identifiable Information) Data Sent: FreedaGPT ensures that no PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data is transmitted to the LLM API during conversations.

Schema Sharing: Only the database schema of relevant views is shared with LLM to facilitate the conversation.

Query Validation and Data Security
Query Validation and Data Security

SQL Validation: SQL generated by LLM is thoroughly validated to ensure accuracy and compliance with data security measures.

Data Security: FreedaGPT adds an additional layer of data security by validating and enhancing the generated queries before execution. This helps prevent unauthorized access and data breaches

Execution and Visualization
Execution and Visualization

Execution: The validated queries are executed on a secure and scalable data platform.

Chart Generation: The results are used to generate insightful charts and visualizations that help users understand the data better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GenAI?

GenAI, short for Generative Artificial Intelligence, refers to AI systems and technologies that have the capability to generate content such as text, images, music, and more.

GPT is a specific implementation of a public LLM, designed for generating responses. It is trained to engage in natural language conversations and provide relevant and coherent responses to user inputs.

Your private financial information is not sent to the LLM. Only the way the information is organized, like a table of contents, is shared. Imagine you have a cookbook with recipes, but you're only showing the list of dishes without the details of how to make them.

No, you don't need technical knowledge. FreedaGPT is designed for finance professionals who want to understand their data better without dealing with technical details.

A public LLM (Large Language Model) is a type of artificial intelligence model that has been trained on a vast amount of data to understand and generate human-like language. These models are designed to assist with various tasks that involve language understanding and generation, such as answering questions, providing recommendations, and more.

FreedaGPT is a HighRadius tool designed to help finance professionals gain insights and answers related to accounting and financial data by having conversations in everyday language.

Yes, your data is secure. FreedaGPT only looks at the way your financial information is structured and doesn't share any private details.

No, FreedaGPT can't access specific details or sensitive data. It only shows you information that is relevant to your role as a finance professional.