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Collector Dashboard – Prioritized Collections Worklist

Leverage a prioritized list of customers with recommended actions and an intuitive dashboard with actionable summary reports to foster faster collections

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VIEW, ANALYZE, ACT - Collections Summarised In A Single Screen

  • Always know which customer to call first with intelligent prioritized worklists

    Prioritize your customer accounts with popular collections strategies adopted across industries or build your own. Find out exactly who you need to call or email next, and enable collectors to focus on the most critical accounts. Save time lost in pulling aging data and creating spreadsheets, and improve standardization of the collections process globally.

  • Get a snapshot of the potential collector dollar impact and required actions for each day with a visually intuitive dashboard

    Gain insights on the potential impact of your collection activities such as calls and emails on overall working capital. Filter out the worklist based on collection action and dollar impact, and jump directly to most critical accounts for the day. Systematically knock off accounts, adding workhours and improving account coverage.

  • Access all the data you need for effective collections with a single click

    Retrieve all necessary customer data including invoice data, payment commitments, and payment history on a single screen for each customer with the capability to dig deeper into individual accounts for further details such as credit information, disputes, notes, and call logs.

  • Get rid of the complex mesh of diffrent tools and substitute a single strategic solution

    Replace sticky notes, Outlook, calendar reminders, and spreadsheets with a centralized solution built on strategic features such as a single data repository, prioritized worklist, self-reminders, easy-to-use correspondence packages, and correspondence logs.

Four simple steps to collections worklist prioritization

Set up customer segments and collections prioritization strategies

Define your customer segments based on factors such as credit risk, account type, fast-paying or slow-paying customer, aging analysis, level of digital enablement (payment method, paper vs. e-invoicing), and number of deductions and invoice disputes. Select from recommended collection strategies based on years of working with leading companies or build your own for different customer segments.

Enable auto-extraction of all neccessary data from ERP, Customer Master, and other A/R teams

Capture all relevant information which serves as static parameters in account prioritization, including information such as invoice value, due dates, and open A/R from any ERP including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Infor, Sage, customer contact details from Customer Master, dispute and claims information from the deductions team, and credit risk information from the credit management team.

Integrate feedback from customer collaboration history seamlessly

Receive payment commitments or requests for follow-up for a later date. These customer-initiated requests and payments commitments are captured by the system and fed back into the prioritization engine so that scenarios such as broken payment commitments are bumped to the top of the queue. These inputs provide a microscopic, dynamic snapshot of the customer payment behavior.

Get started on the auto-generated prioritized worklist and actionable summary reports

Use dynamic collection strategies and weigh different contributing factors to generate a prioritized worklist with recommended actions and tools to collaborate with customers. Leverage the summary reports to filter the worklist and get started.

This Is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Hunstman
Speed: Improved Account Coverage : In the words of Molly Pryor, Assistant Treasurer, Huntsman, "Our collectors were able to dun 5 accounts per day using ERP and about 25 using GetPaid. But with the help of HighRadius, the exposure has increased 5-fold.
The difference is staggering!"
HighRadius Customer: Ferrero
Productivity: Focus on Critical Accounts : The collections team at Ferrero was able to increase their collector productivity by 40% and in turn reduce their DSO with the help of efficient prioritization.

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