Collection Agency Data Exchange

  • e-placement of accounts for collections by agencies
  • Deployment of 3rd-party placement strategies to meet customized rules
  • Electronic exchange of information including invoices and supporting documents
  • Secure two-way data transfer
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Collection Agency Data Exchange solutions diagram

Collection Agency Data Exchange Solutions

Enhance Cash Flow and Reduce DSO with seamless integration with collections agencies through Collection Agency Data Exchange (CADE)

CADE provides a way for accounts receivable teams to streamline data sharing with collection agencies. The solution facilitates movement of accounts and invoice data to third-party collections agencies, allowing companies that are using the HighRadius Collection Cloud solution to place accounts for collection electronically.


  • Collection Agency Strategies - create custom rules that identify candidates for collection agency placement
  • Easily identify accounts that meet your criteria for collection agency placement
  • Configure and use rules that are run each workday across your entire portfolio to efficiently manage the process, or place on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Auto-selection of accounts that are approved for collection agency placement
  • Accounts selected for placement are electronically transferred to the agency at the end of each workday
  • All necessary backup documentation to commence collection efforts is included
  • Feedback loop from the collection agencies for sending payment status

Key Features

Collection Agency Strategies

Deployment of 3rd-party placement strategies that identify accounts that meet customized rules and automate data placement

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Electronic Data Transfer

Electronic exchange of information including invoices and supporting documents at the end of each workday

Audit logs for e-Placement

Centralize tracking of all data placement notes, correspondence notes and payment status for every placed customer in a single system without having to use spreadsheets, notepads, or post-its.

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Secure Two-Way Data Exchange

2-way data transfer between Collections Cloud and Collection Agencies through CADE

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