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Credit Information Aggregation

Quick, easy, and accurate credit research with automatic credit documents aggregation and indexing

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  • Automatic credit data retrieval from agencies, bureaus, insurers, banks, trade partners, and customers

    Automate the retrieval of essential credit reports and information from all leading agencies such as D&B and Experian, credit insurance data providers such as Euler Hermes and Atradius, public financial websites including Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg, personal and corporate guarantees, and all correspondence with sales, customers, and other stakeholders. You could also pull customer credit information for ad-hoc purposes.

  • One stop repository for quick, easy, and secure access to credit information

    Organize your credit documents to facilitate quick and easy access for faster credit research and decision-making. Securely store all the credit data as a one-stop repository with indexed files for easy referencing.

  • Tracking and monitoring of credit information that require periodic updates and renewal

    Receive real-time alerts for the expiration of documents that require periodic updates such as guarantees, renewable licenses, and tax exemption certificates. Updates on customer financial health and bankruptcy alerts allow for timely actions to lower credit risk exposure.

  • User-specific access levels for secure and controlled scope of information access

    Control the scope of credit information access based on different classes of users by assigning different permission levels within the credit management team as well as for other stakeholders.

Four simple steps for faster credit research

Configure agencies and credit information providers

Credit agencies such D&B and Experian, insurance data providers such as Euler Hermes and Atradius, public financial websites including Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg, and other credit information sources are set up with just a few clicks to auto-retrieve credit reports and customer financial data.

Automatically retrieve credit reports and information

The AI-enabled credit data aggregation engine gathers credit bureau reports, insurance data, public financials, risk and payment ratings, and an automated email communication is initiated with banks and trade creditors for reference checks.

Create research-ready customer credit profile

All of the credit bureau reports, financial statements, credit reference reports, and correspondence, along with complete credit application information is appended to the customer file to create a research-ready package with a single source of truth.

Periodically update customer credit information

Information workflows enable real-time tracking of the renewal of credit documents with fast approaching expiry dates, customer financial health and credit rating updates and insolvency alerts.

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HighRadius Customer: Mercury Marine
Speed : Mercury Marine reduced customer onboarding time by 67% and improved credit team productivity with streamlined credit operations and faster processing of periodic reviews.
Process Effectiveness/Accuracy : TechData improved the credit department efficiency by 120% through Highradius Credit Cloud automation.

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