Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Automated Research for Trade and
Non-Trade Deductions

Resolve deductions faster by automating the research process for trade and non trade deductions. Let your deduction teams focus more on resolution and recovery of invalid deductions rather than research.

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  • Auto-match trade promotions with deductions

    Integrate with Trade Promotion Management (TPM) to extract data and automatically match deductions with promotions and deals with the help of matching algorithms. This matching consists of multiple steps such as planning account identification, product hierarchy identification and promotion and deal search.

  • Automate Research for trade deductions

    Integrate with third party ePOS systems to aggregate sales data which will be useful for calculating the funds available for a customer. Utilize the accrual amount and auto matching algorithms to identify the validity of a Deduction claimed by the customer. Highlight difference for further variance analysis.

  • Automate research for non-trade deductions

    Automate return and pricing variance analysis via Sales Invoice, RAN, pricing sheet and claims data. Deductions Cloud auto-captures any pricing and quantity discrepancies, calculates the variance between claimed price, invoice price that too at a line item level for quick review and resolutions.

  • Improve analyst productivity through automated research

    Automate variance analysis to ensure faster deductions resolution. Deduction analysts can focus on critical deduction resolutions and reduce write offs.

How to get started

1. Aggregate line-item level details from the claim document

Ensure reading of line item level information available on a customer website by the Deductions Cloud and utilize the data to match it to the information aggregated from the ERP and the deal sheets/Trade Promotion systems to suggest whether a deduction is valid/invalid.

2. Auto-link backup data with deductions

Match the deductions to backup documents such as claim and PODs, sales invoices with the help of our robust linking engine.

3. Turn deductions research-ready

Automate the variance analysis for trade and non trade deductions, validating the claims by the Deductions Cloud. The deductions analysts are able to review each deduction upon login along with the complete backup data and variance analysis to quickly resolve the deduction.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: McCormick
ROI on Automation : McCormick's deduction team was able to successfully automate 164,000 deductions a year, out of which 80% were trade deductions.
HighRadius Customer: Ferrero
Faster resolution : Ferrero was able to reduce their open deductions by 58%

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