Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Auto-Aggregation and Linking of Backup Documents such as Claims, PODs, BOLs

Fast-track deduction research while saving 70% of analysts' time by auto-capturing information from all deduction back-up documents.

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  • Auto-capture claims, PODs, and BOLs from websites, emails, and paper documents

    Automatically extract backup documents such as claims, PODs, BOLs from customer portals (Amazon, Kroger),carrier portals (FedEx and UPS), emails, third-party websites, or paper documents in any format including Word, TXT, Excel, CSV, PDF, and image files. Leverage pre-built integration set up with 1000+ Customer portals using inhouse RPA bots.

  • Eliminate the time lost in manual-linking of backup documents with the deductions

    Make deductions research-ready by auto-linking the claims, PODs, BOLs to their respective deductions so that the analysts can only focus on resolution.

  • Prevent data loss by storing all information within the solution in a standardized format

    Eliminate any possibilities of information loss by maintaining a single-source-of-truth for all deduction backup documents in a standardized electronic format within the solution.

  • Provide real-time visibility to multiple stakeholders

    Enable real-time visibility for multiple teams such as brokers, sales, and logistics by providing a centralized repository of all information, accessible through secure authorization on
    the cloud platform.

  • Reduce DDO(Days Deductions Outstanding) and bad-debt by providing analysts with more bandwidth
    for validation

    Speed up the deductions resolution process by eliminating manual repetitive tasks resulting in early recovery and closure.

How to get started

1. Auto-Aggregate backup documentation such as claims, PODs, BOLs

Auto-aggregate the backup documents such as claims, PODs, BOLs from customer portals, carrier portals, emails, paper claims and consolidates all information
in one single place.

2. Accurate data-capture at a
line-item level

Capture line item data present in a claim document, which can be used for automatching and resolution of Deductions.

3. Auto-linking of backup documents
to deductions

Ensure that backup documents such as claims, PODs, BOLs are automatically linked to the deductions to make the deductions using a common reference number such as invoice so that it is research-ready for the analysts.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Adidas group
Speed : The deductions team at Adidas was able to reduce the time spent on back-up document aggregation by 92%, from 60 minutes per deduction to just 5 minutes.
HighRadius Customer: Ferrero
Faster resolution : Ferrero was able to reduce their open deductions by 58%

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