Deductions Cloud

Auto-Aggregation and Linking of Backup Documents

Fast-track deduction research by auto-capturing
backup documents

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How To Help You Get The Right Backup Deduction Data For Validation

Auto-Capture Claims, PODs, and BOLs

  •  Auto-extract backup documents from customer portals (Amazon, Kroger), carrier portals (FedEx and UPS), emails,
    third-party websites, or paper documents
  • Extract backup data in any format, including Word, TXT, Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML, and image files.
  • Leverage pre-built integration set up with 1000+ customer portals using in-house RPA bots

Auto Link Claims and PODs, BOLs with Deductions

  • Extract claims and PODs at a line-item level across emails, customer A/P portals, carrier portals
  • Auto-link sales invoices, commitments from the TPM, claims, PODs with deductions to reduce the research time

Provide Real-Time Visibility to Multiple Stakeholders

  • Let sales, brokers, and logistics teams get selective access to the aggregated backup documents
  • Deduction backup documents are present in a standardized electronic format within the solution