Automated Prediction of Payment Date with AI

Auto-prioritize customers every day based on AI-predicted payment dates

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AI-based prediction of payment date

How To Leverage AI-Based Payment Date Predictions To Prioritize Your Customers

Leverage AI to Prioritize Customers Per Day

  • Leverage AI-based predictions on the payment date and payment delay to identify your at-risk customers
  • Modify your dunning strategies based on AI-suggested
    next steps
  • Generate region-specific prioritized worklists for your collectors working across the globe
AI-based prioritization of customers daily

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customer Profile

  • View relevant customer data such as invoices, payment commitments, payment history in a single screen.
  • Receive A/R updates during the day to stay updated with payment posting information.
  • Your collectors can dig deeper into individual accounts
    to review credit information, disputes, call logs.
360-degree visibility into customer's credit risk

Improve Productivity by Eliminating the Use of Disparate Tools

  • Replace sticky notes, Outlook, calendar reminders, and spreadsheets with a centralized Collections
  • Make customer calls or receive incoming calls with Collections itself
Integrated VoIP calling facility within Collections Cloud