Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Automated Capture of Notes, Call Recording

Leverage AI-enabled digital assistant Freeda to make calls, automatically record the calls, notes, P2Ps to set up reminders for your collectors

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  • Make collection calls and receive incoming calls through Collections Cloud

    Prioritize your day with Freeda's recommendations on calls to be made and emails to be sent. Make customer calls and receive incoming calls across the globe in one single place. Freeda automatically records calls, captures notes and recommends suggested actions from the interaction such as P2P creation, raising disputes.

  • Centralize notes, promise to pays, interaction histories in one single place

    Store all customer interaction history, call recordings, notes, promise to pay trends and customer-initiated requests in a centralized data repository. Prevent the last minute to-and-fro within spreadsheets, notepads, Outlook, calendar, notepads before sending out correspondence.

  • Auto-identify intent from customer's email responses to create next steps

    Leverage AI capabilities to automatically extract and identify the next actions to be carried out from a customer's email response. This can include creating a P2P, a follow-up task, or a dispute.

How to get started

1. Get started with your collection activities with Freeda's recommendations

Let Freeda organize your day by prioritizing customers to call, emails to send, along with recommended strategies based on previous interaction history, notes, P2Ps.

2. Let Freeda make customer calls through Collections Cloud

Make customer calls and receive incoming calls in one single place. Leverage Freeda to automatically capture call notes, record calls and summarize the next action items from the call in the form of an email.

3. Get end-end visibility into notes, promise to pays, customer interaction history

Easily access call notes, payment commitments, payment patterns, customer queries, dispute information anytime during a collection call with the help of Freeds.

4. Track payment commitments, capture email intent and set reminders

Auto-capture customer's email intent to identify the potential next steps for collectors such as task creation, and automatically scheduling reminders to follow up with your customers proactively based on payment commitments. Collectors can schedule their follow-ups based on historical promise-to-pay trends.

This Is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Brightstar
Speed: Account Coverage : The Collections team at Brightstar Corporation increased their Collections accounts coverage per day by 97% through leveraging custom correspondence packages offered by HRC as compared to 8 different types of email correspondence templates which were used earlier and needed extensive IT involvement for set up and configuration.
HighRadius Customer: Shurtech
Productivity: Past-Due A/R : The Shurtech Collections team reduced past-due A/R by 50% with the help of efficient customer correspondence. They had a 33% reduction in the 1-30 days past-due aging bucket and a 75% reduction in the 31+ days past-due aging bucket.

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