Collections Management

Advanced Dunning

10X Outreach. Automated emails with smart payment links to long-tail customers.


Key Features

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Collections Letters Library

Personalize email templates from 100+ ready-to-use templates for collection dunning, reducing the time to send emails.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Automated Correspondence

Automate past-due notices, reminders, account statements, and other letters, allowing collectors to reach out to more customers.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Smart Payment Links

Embed smart payment links into emails displaying real-time customer balances, enabling convenient online payments.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Smart Send

Sends emails at the best possible time to maximize the chances of a customer opening and actioning an email, driven by email data analytics.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Bulk Correspondence

Bulk sends correspondence to customers to communicate changes such as updated payment options, addresses, and others.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Simulate Auto Correspondence

Generate draft auto-correspondence emails with attachments, allowing the collectors to review them before sending the emails out.

400+ Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers

600+ Mid-Market Customers

Enterprise Customers

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FAQs: AI-Powered Collections Automation Software Solutions

What is Collections Management Software?

Collections Management Software helps you optimize your working capital & reduce your DSO while seamlessly integrating with your existing collections systems. It extracts data from your ERP, prioritizes the right customers to call, automates email correspondence & makes collections calling faster & simpler.

What are the benefits of Collection Software Solution?

The Collection Software Solution helps you reduce your past due by 20% and increase your collections productivity by 30%. With the help of AI, collectors can make 2X collection calls, send 10X automated emails and improve the weekly past due customer coverage by 4 times.

How does an Automated debt collection software improve DSO?

Automated debt collection software reduces DSO by leveraging AI for prioritizing accounts, automating email correspondences with smart payment links, and one-click calling with auto-transcription & follow-up emails. It streamlines operations & accelerates receivables recovery leading to faster payments & reduced DSO.

What are the best features that a Debt Collections Management Software should have?

The best Debt Collections Management Software is an all-in-one solution automating the entire collections process. It should prioritize the right customers, automate email correspondences and offer one-click calling within the solution with auto transcription and follow up emails.

How does your Collections Management Software compare to alternative solutions?

Our Collections Management Software stands out with the AI Prioritized Worklist which is trained on $10.3 trillion of financial data. It can accurately predict customer payment delays 30 days in advance. The In-App Dialer helps collectors make more collection calls. FreedaGPT automates note-taking & task logging.

Does the Collections Software integrate with my ERP?

Yes, our Cloud Based Collection Management software seamlessly integrates with your ERP. It offers out-of-the-box connectivity with major ERPs like SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage Intacct. Additionally, it supports API integration for Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, and Microsoft Business Central.

How much time does it take to implement your payment collection software?

The implementation time for our payment collection software varies based on the complexity of your organization's requirements. However, our Speed to Value methodology guarantees swift implementation and ROI realization within 3 to 6 months, setting an industry benchmark.

Does the Collections Management Software integrate with my bank?

Yes, our Collections Management Software seamlessly integrates with major banks. It offers out-of-the-box support for leading institutions like BofA, Citi, PNC, Chase, Wells Fargo, HSBC, ING, and others. Additionally, it supports standard banking formats such as BAI, MT940, and MT942, providing real-time insights into processed statements. For low-volume scenarios, CSV and Excel file imports are supported, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

How much IT involvement is needed to maintain the cloud debt collection software?

Our cloud debt collection software requires minimal IT involvement. With seamless plug-and-play integration into ERPs using real-time APIs and Hex (SFTP) connectors, along with pre-built modules and industry-specific best practices, customers can deploy remotely with ease, reducing all IT dependencies.

How does your automated debt collection software handle data security and privacy?

We prioritize data security & privacy, adhering to stringent industry standards such as GDPR, ISO, PCI DSS, HIPAA, & SOC. We employ robust encryption protocols & role-based access controls to safeguard sensitive financial data, ensuring utmost confidentiality & compliance with regulatory requirements.

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