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Automated Credit Reference Checks for Business

Automatically capture bank references from customer credit applications and automate the bank reference verifications.

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What is a Credit Reference?

  • Capture accurate credit application data with a web and mobile based application

    Allow customers to submit a credit application using a web and mobile based form, including information on reference checks, guarantees and tax certificates. The app ensures that all mandatory fields are filled with the right information and captures digital signatures for authenticity. You are able to track the progress of form submission and once submitted, the data feeds directly to your credit management system. No more incomplete applications and to-and-fro with your customers.

  • Eliminate time and effort lost in manual credit data aggregation and reference checks

    Automatically append applications with reports from leading agencies such as D&B and Experian; credit insurance data from Coface and Euler Hermes; or public financial data from Yahoo! Finance. Initiate automated email communication with banks and trade partners for reference checks. All of this information in one place helps you take timely and accurate credit decisions.

  • Expedite credit decisioning with configurable approval and communication workflows

    Enhance existing credit operations and incorporate workflows for customer on-boarding with seamless integration of online credit applications into any ERP including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Infor, Sage, and other legacy systems. Communicate decisions on credit limits with your customers with the click of a button.

  • Improve customer experience with easy to use application UI

    Make it easier for your customers to place credit requests, submit application data, and collaborate for additional information with an easy to use web and mobile based application.

Three Simple Steps to Fast-Track Credit Reference Check

Capture complete and accurate credit information

Online Credit Application captures complete and accurate customer data including financial statements, tax-exempt certificates, and credit references, e-signatures

Perform electronic credit reference

Initiate the bank reference verification process with the help of partnered with HighRadius automates bank reference verification to ensure faster credit reference checks.

Process the application with user-configurable collaboration workflows

The customer file is now credit decision-ready, with all the backup information. Approval workflow enables swift routing to other decision-makers and decisions on credit terms and limits are communicated with the customer through correspondence workflow.

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Automation : Learn how J.J Keller introduced automation in credit management to fast-track credit reviews by 50%.
Productivity : Mercury Marine reduced customer onboarding time by 67% and improved credit team productivity with streamlined credit operations and faster processing of periodic reviews

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