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Credit Management Workflows

Organize, track, and streamline all credit management activities from credit request application to decisions

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  • Customized workflows automate and organize all credit management tasks

    Automate routine credit management tasks including customer on-boarding, periodic reviews, blocked order release, credit limit assignment, collateral renewal, and approval of credit requests. Customize the workflows based on your corporate credit policies and hierarchical procedure.

  • Approval workflows with automatic routing for improved process compliance

    Improve process compliance by ensuring that important credit decisions are approved through the right hierarchy and stakeholders via automatic routing of requests.

  • Seamless cross-departmental collaboration for fast and accurate turnaround

    Enable effective collaboration and exchange of information and documents between credit, sales, customer service, and customers through information escalation and correspondence workflows

  • Effective tracking and monitoring of all credit operations

    Monitor all credit transactions and maintain an accurate audit trail of all credit management tasks and customer interaction across regions and business units.

Three simple steps for organized credit management

Define workflow procedures and stakeholders

Set up the workflow procedure for all routine credit management activities based on your company credit policies and procedures. Identify all relevant stakeholders with preferences drawn from the corporate hierarchy for information and document routing, credit decisioning, and approvals.

Configure the logical routing conditions

The highly customizable workflows allow users to configure the routing conditions for messages, documents, and approval rights and establish a corporate-wide consistent credit decisioning process.

Choose the mode of workflow

Select the preferred mode of communication and information routing to relevant stakeholders - system, email, or fax - and automate all your credit management activities.

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HighRadius Customer: Mercury Marine
Speed : Mercury Marine reduced customer onboarding time by 67% and improved credit team productivity with streamlined credit operations and faster processing of periodic reviews.
Efficiency Improvement on Credit Reviews : Tech Data leveraged innovative technology to automate the retrieval of credit information from credit and trade groups to improve credit efficiency by 120%

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