Collaborative E-Workflows for Tracking, Approval, and Settlement

Speed-up resolution by fast-tracking approval from stakeholders across A/R, Sales, and broker teams

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Collaborative E-Workflows for Tracking, Approval

How To Collaborate Seamlessly With Stakeholders For
Faster Approval And Resolution

Fast-track Resolution Through Configurable Multi-Tier Approval Workflows

  • Automatically assign deductions to various analysts based on predefined business rules
  •  Workflow approval can be re-configured based on the business requirement for internal task assignment
  • Trigger approval workflows to multiple stakeholders in the hierarchy based on the business requirements to fast-track deduction resolution
Deduction Resolution Through Configurable Approval Workflows

Centralized Repository of Notes and Action Items to Ensure Better Visibility and Accountability

  •  Enable a centralized data repository for each deduction
  • Track real-time status of deductions, detailed notes, tag next action items to each deduction to ensure better process visibility
  • The analyst receives notifications if there are significant changes in the deduction attributes
Single Repository for Notes and Action Items

Improve Productivity by Supporting Actions for Huge Volume of Deductions

  • Carry out bulk actions on deductions such as sending out correspondences, easy assignment of a dispute, notes creation
  • Resolve deductions by choosing the resolution method from a drop-down menu that is configurable based on business requirements
Handle Huge Volume of Deductions through Bulk-Actions