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Automated Invoicing via Emails, Customer Portals, Post, Fax

Automate invoice delivery across channels including emails, customer portals, accounting systems, post, fax

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Automated Invoicing via Emails, Customer Portals, Post, Fax

How To Cater To The Diverse Invoicing Needs Of Your Customers

Automate Delivery of Invoices and Account Statements

  • Automatically deliver invoices and account statements to customers at their preferred time and frequency
  • Auto-push the invoices to 20+ A/P portals including SAP Ariba, Coupa, and accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage
  • Deliver invoices to customers in their preferred format through emails, post, and fax
Automated delivery of invoices and account statements

Configurable Invoice Templates Based on Your Business Requirements

  • Customize and generate invoice templates based on your branding guidelines, business units, geographies
  • Search invoices and segregate them by using multiple parameters such as date, value, and product
  • Buyers can drill down into individual invoices to review and raise any line item-level disputes
Configurable Invoice Templates