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360 Degree Visibility of Buyers Across the Globe

Manage multiple customers and their payment activities across the globe. Track key metrics such as e-adoption trends, payment trends through a global dashboard.

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  • Track key metrics such as e-adoption trends through global dashboard

    Continuously monitor your customer’s actions through the global EIPP dashboard. Track e-adoption trends, payment trends through the portal.

  • Manage and support buyers

    Provide complete support to your customers by allowing seamless dispute management, setting up payment schedules and making payments on their behalf.

  • Get real-time notifications across A/R processes

    Receive alerts across A/R processes such as blocked orders, missing remittances, credit card expiry dates along with action buttons which help you to navigate to the required screen.

How to get started

1. Manage your buyers in the portal

The suppliers can set up and manage the buyer contacts, correspondence preferences with the help of the portal. They can also enable/disable payment options/surcharge
for their customers.

2. Receive real-time A/R alerts

The suppliers get A/R alerts such as card expiry dates, expiring discounts, missing remittances, blocked orders for which they can communicate seamlessly with their

3. Collaborate and support the buyer for payments/key AR activities

The suppliers can support their customers by setting up payment schedules, making payments on their behalf or by raising disputes or downloading remittances.

4. Track key metrics related to your buyer actions globally

The suppliers get access to real-time metrics and 100+ out-of-the box reports to track e-adoption, presentment and payment trends including invoice open rates, failed vs successful payments in a month, user logins per day.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Resmed
Ease of Access for Buyers : "The online invoicing and payments solution acts as one-stop access for our customers to make payments and view historical transactions with ResMed."
Rohit Patel
Credit and Collections Consultant
Highradius Customer: American Greeting
40% of buyers adopted self service portals within a year : "HighRadius is great because things constantly change. They're always evolving the tool, they're always evolving the portal." - Lauren Kennedy, Senior Manager, Retailer Financial Services

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