EIPP Cloud

Customer Portal for Seamless Buyer-Supplier Collaboration

Single, self-administered portal to access and manage invoices, account statements, make payments in multiple formats, create disputes, upload remittances and claims

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EIPP Customer Portal for Seamless Buyer-Supplier Collaboration

How can EIPP Buyer Portal Help Your Buyers

Let Your Buyers Make Payments from Anywhere, Anytime


  • Let your buyers make on-account or invoice-level payments, make partial/bulk payments, or pay in installments
  • Allows buyers to auto-pay at a regular, scheduled frequency
  • Buyers get suggestions on the right invoices to be paid based on past payment trends
On-account or invoice-level payments

Supports Complex Customer Hierarchies

  • Support buyer hierarchies such as parent-child, identifying customers from common users
  • Give selective access to parent/child entities for viewing invoices or making payments
EIPP self-service customer portal

Seamless Integration with Collections, Credit, Cash App and Disputes

  • Let your buyers make instant payments with a payment link embedded in dunning emails
  • Allow your buyers to raise disputes within the buyer portal
  • Let your buyers upload remittances or tax exemption certificates through EIPP portal
Seamless dispute management

Simplify and Fast-Track Customer Onboarding

  • Securely onboard buyers via email invites, self-registration, single sign-on(SSO)
  • EIPP portal provides guided tours for first-time users
Simplified customer onboarding