Electronic Invoicing

Email Invoice Delivery

Smart Email Invoices. Automated emails with smart payment links, delivery tracking, & smart retries.


Key Features

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Invoice & Statement Template Library

Personalize invoices from 100+ templates or fully customize per business unit or geography.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Automated Email/E-Fax Invoice Delivery

Automate invoice delivery via email when invoices are generated.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Embedded Smart Payment Links

Embed smart payment links into emails displaying real-time customer balances, enabling convenient online payments.

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Delivery Status Tracking

Track & resolve email delivery failures in real-time.

400+ Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers

600+ Mid-Market Customers

Enterprise Customers

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FAQs: B2B Electronic Invoicing Software Solutions

What is HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software?

HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software delivers streamlined invoice presentment & management, facilitating seamless interactions between merchants and buyers. Through self-serve portals, automated invoicing, targeted campaigns, email delivery, collaboration tools, and administration features, it boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and drives electronic payment adoption, resulting in improved invoice processing, enhanced productivity, and increased customer engagement.

What are the benefits of an E Invoicing Solution?

An E Invoicing Solution converts checks to ACH payments by providing an intuitive Customer Portal, while improving analyst productivity. It also streamlines processes, reducing manual tasks, and enhancing customer engagement, ultimately leading to cost savings, and higher revenue potential.

How does HighRadius E-Invoicing Software drive electronic payment adoption?

HighRadius E-Invoicing Software elevates e-payments adoption by 30% by that enabling data-driven campaigns to transition buyers to electronic invoicing and payments. Through the automation of invoice delivery, HighRadius streamlines the transition to digital payments efficiently.

What are the best features of HighRadius E-Invoicing Software?

HighRadius E-Invoicing Software offers Self-Serve Buyer Portal, AP Portal Invoicing, e-Adoption Campaign Management, Email Invoice Delivery, and Buyer-Supplier Collaboration. These innovations enhance productivity and ensuring global compliance, making it a leader in e-invoicing solutions.

How does HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software compare to alternative solutions?

HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software stands out as a B2B invoicing software with 100% automated invoice delivery, a 30% boost in electronic payment adoption, strict adherence to global e-invoicing mandates, and 50% increase in invoicing productivity - providing better efficiency and compliance.

Can an E-Invoicing Softwares integrate with my ERP?

Yes, E-Invoicing Softwares seamlessly integrates with your ERP. Additionally, they supports API integration for other financial magemnet For low-volume ERP data import, they can support Excel and CSV formats, enabling easy extraction of accounts receivables.

How much time does it take to implement HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software?

The implementation time for HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software varies based on the complexity of your organization's requirements. However, our Speed to Value methodology guarantees swift implementation and ROI realization within 3 to 6 months, setting an industry benchmark.

Does HighRadius E Invoicing Solution integrate with my bank?

Yes, HighRadius E Invoicing Solution seamlessly integrates with major banks, offering out-of-the-box support for BofA, Citi, PNC, Chase, Wells Fargo, HSBC, ING, etc. Also, it supports standard banking formats such as BAI, MT940, and MT942, providing real-time insights into processed statements.

How much IT involvement is needed to maintain HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software?

The right Electronic Invoicing Software needs little IT participation. It easily integrates with ERPs using real-time APIs and Hex (SFTP) connectors, plus it comes with pre-built modules and industry-specific best practices. This means customers can deploy remotely without much hassle or IT reliance.

How does HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software handle data security and privacy?

HighRadius Electronic Invoicing Software prioritizes data security and privacy, adhering to stringent industry standards such as GDPR, ISO, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC. We use strong encryption and role-based access controls to protect your financial data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance.

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