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Why do Credit and A/R Teams Need Freeda?

Everyday credit and receivables analysts and managers process hundreds of thousands of receivables transactions while looking for data, information and reports across systems and tools. For example, a discussion with a customer on credit limit extension is only meaningful if an analyst is able to look real-time at customer payment history and total credit exposure - something which requires pulling data from multiple resources and performing time-consuming analysis. Similarly, a typical day for any order-to-cash team involves countless hours lost in looking for information.
Managerial time is lost in looking for reports to monitor team performance
Staff productivity is lost in looking for customer related data and invoice information


Who is FREEDA?

Freeda is an Artificial Intelligence-enabled Digital Assistant for Order to Cash and Treasury teams. It is capable of answering questions and helping with work just like a knowledgeable colleague, or reliable resource.
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Freeda speaks your language. Just like a real person. Ask a question in the chat-box and Freeda will get back with an answer. Freeda leverages natural language processing algorithms to understand language. The algorithms enable Freeda to realize the ‘intent’ behind virtually hundreds of thousands of user questions and provide appropriate response and information.
Integrated Across order-to-cash

Integrated across finance operations

Freeda knows everything. It sits at the core of the HighRadius(R) Integrated Receivables platform and HighRadius(R) Treasury Management Applications and is able to communicate and deliver information across all accounts receivables and treasury functions.


What does Freeda do?

Access A/R Information

Get Quick Answers

  • Need info on a customer’s open invoices?
  • Want to know the status of the next payment batch?
  • Want to know when the next intraday bank statement is coming in?
Ask a question and Freeda will be there with an answer, or point you to the right resources. Freeda enables instant and quick access to basic information about receivables, payment history, customer master data, bank statements, cash positions and team or individual activity and performance.
Perform Quick Analysis

Perform Quick Analytics

  • What is the average DSO for a customer?
  • Who was the top performing collector this week?
  • What is the cash position for a particular business unit?
Freeda is good with numbers. Freeda goes deep into your A/R, customer history, bank statement and cash position details to crunch the numbers for you. Freeda is able to perform analysis on-the-fly using data from open A/R, customer master, payment history, bank statements and other sources.
Reporting at Fingertips

Predict the Future

  • Will an invoice get paid next week?
  • Is it a good time to call a customer?
  • What is the cash forecast 30 days from now?
Your receivables, treasury and FP&A data has valuable insight. Freeda leverages machine learning to help you make accurate decisions using your treasury and receivables data. Just ask Freeda and let it predict the future.


Freeda is NOW available with the HighRadius Integrated Receivables Platform

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