SAP Credit Management Software – Credit Decision

HighRadius Credit Decision Accelerator automates the credit management process, enabling credit quicker and more accurate decisions. The solution’s three primary components are automated credit data aggregation, a configurable scoring engine, and a configurable workflow engine. Data inputs are automatically collected from sources like credit bureaus, trade group and financial websites, seamlessly integrated into SAP and merged with relevant ERP data like payment and order history for a full picture of credit worthiness. End users can define and maintain risk models that automate evaluation and configure workflows that support hierarchical credit limit approval and automatically monitor and notify on profile changes. The result is a streamlined process that better manages risk, reduces bad-debt, and maximizes sales by accelerating credit approvals.

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The accelerator is certified by SAP and built on top of the SAP Netweaver platform in ABAP code. This provides real-time data integration and lower total cost of ownership than point solutions that are not native to SAP.


  • Pre-built integration to several credit agencies - Experian, D&B, NACM, etc.
  • Automatic download of public company financials from Yahoo, Google finance, etc.
  • Pre-built logic to calculate key ratios such as Debt to Equity ratio, Current ratio, Quick ratio, and Gross Margin.
  • Pre-built integration to insurance agencies such as Euler, COFACE, etc.
  • Ability for end-users to develop scoring models via a hierarchical weighted average of variables.
  • Automatic addition of customers to a credit analyst workflow queue based on rules such as 'New Customer', Blocked Orders', 'Periodic Review', 'Distressed Financials', 'Credit Bureau Rating Change', etc.
  • Configurable hierarchical credit limit approval to enforce ‘Delegation of Authority’ for risk class and credit limit changes.


  • Increase credit analyst productivity by 30% and free up valuable time to focus on the actual credit decision versus clerical tasks by automating retrieval of credit reports, financials and scoring.
  • Reduce bad-debt with proactive, automated alerts that provide daily monitoring of customer status changes versus being limited to reactive periodic reviews of high risk accounts.
  • Maximize sales by proactively extending credit limits where applicable, including on dormant accounts.
  • Lower Total Cost of IT Ownership (TCO) since the solution can be installed in the existing SAP landscape, eliminating the need for additional hardware and a product-specific support team.

Case Study

How Air Products Inc. Automated Credit Management for 125K Customers

C.B. Ananthan, Manager - Global Credit, AR Reporting, Governance, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Jay Tchakarov, VP - Product Management, HighRadius